Family Foundations Canada is a nonprofit faith based ministry designed to equip and help individuals, marriages and families navigate the complexities of life in an ever-changing world.  Family Foundations Canadian Coordinators and Facilitators have ministered to thousands of people over the past 20 plus years and we have discovered the number one wound in a person’s heart is one that has come from either a father or an absentee father.


Our vision is to see every family strengthened and equipped to succeed in an ever-changing world. We want to see every person find their true identity and destiny through the blessing and support of a loving father, mother, grandparents and community. Our focus is to reach Millennials and their children with life changing experiences that empowers them to fulfill their destinies.


Our mission is to bring transformation to people, families and society through life changing experiences, seminars and loving support.


 We have a dream that relationships will be strengthened, and families will be brought into peace so that every person can be empowered to prosper.  

The Family Foundations Canada provides tools and resources to transform families of all faiths and beliefs

• We conduct seminars and resources to provide ministry to the heart.
• We conduct Schools of Ministry to train and equip others to bring transformation to families.
• We partner with local churches, Christian schools and other agencies to strengthen families.
• We are not a counseling service and do not provide counseling services.