Do you want to experience God's perfect design for your Family? Are you desirous of seeing your children prosper in every area of their lives?

Overall Theme: God’s Purpose and Power of Blessing to give parents the blueprint and tools for building a blessed home and thriving family.

Learn about the SEVEN CRITICAL TIMES OF BLESSING: Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, Infancy, Puberty, Marriage Older Age

When children grow up in a culture of blessing it catapults them into their God given purpose and destiny.


  • Those desiring real change, a close, loving and united family, where marriages are strong and children thrive.
  • You will be given tools to cultivate a culture of honour, respect and blessing.
  • Parents with children of all ages.
  • Singles, mom's, uncles,and friends who want to bless children
  • Grandparents who want to bless their children and grandchildren.


  • God’s Purpose and Power of Blessing in a Family
  • The Power of Blessing in a Marriage
  • Barriers and Breakthroughs to Blessing
  • How to write a blessing for your children or parents
  • Learning to repent to one another
  • Practical time of giving and receiving the blessing within the family

Parents are encouraged to invite their children to the Saturday afternoon session for a practical time of blessing.