This is a licensed FFI Course taught by trained Facilitators to lead the small group ministry times. Topics covered during the weekly lessons in this 10 week course are:

  • Marriage is A covenant
  • The Concept of Threshold Covenant
  • How to Understand & Resolve Conflicts
  • Forgiveness
  • Using Conflicts to Identify Their Root Causes
  • Restoring the Value of Covenant to Society
  • Restoring the Value of Covenant to Your Marriage
  • Four Key Components of Blood Covenant

DVD Lessons are taught by Craig Hill, Dave & Maxine Broom and Bob & Audrey Meisner.

This course can also be offered beginning on a weekend covering the first 5 lessons and then continuing weekly for the remaining 5 lessons. We have found that 'kick starting' the course this way creates momentum and enhances the course.