Blessing is at the core of what Family Foundations does, so it makes sense that the Blessing Generations seminar is one of the most powerful experiences from FFI.

For nearly twenty years, Craig Hill has been touching lives with the power of the father’s blessing, both healing broken hearts that never received the father’s blessing and teaching the importance of the blessing to young families. Our passion is not to see people attend our events, but to see a culture of blessing in the churches we serve.

There are two ways to partner with FFI to create a culture of blessing in your church: Building a House of Blessing:

Option 1: A Blessing Generations Seminar on Video

Partner with a trained FFI Coordinator near you to facilitate the Blessing Generations Seminar on DVD to your church.The Blessing Generations Seminar is a 2-day event, usually Friday evening and all day Saturday. The event includes 7 teaching times on video with 5 small group ministry times interwoven.

Topics include: God’s purpose & power of blessing, 7 critical times of blessing, how to release blessing in your family.

The costs incurred by running the seminar are minimal. Incidental costs may include hospitality and promoting the event. Even if there is no FFI Coordinator near your church, arrangements can be.

The price for a Blessing Generations Seminar registration is $60 per person, $100 per married couple

Option 2: A live Blessing Conference

The purpose of a Family Blessing Conference is to give Parents the tools and a blueprint to build a house of blessing in their home.

The live Blessing conference is a larger event that includes excellent speakers like Craig Hill and Neil Campbell. Topics include: The Blessing Challenge, Building a House of Blessing, The Power of Blessing in your Marriage, and Planning a Rite of Passage Ceremony.

Your church will need to agree to a minimum number of attendees before scheduling an event. The minimum is usually 400 people, but is evaluated on a case by case basis. FFI and your church will work together to promote the event.

The cost to your church is minimal, and generally includes promotion and facilities costs. Accommodations and fees for speakers are paid by FFI.

I’m ready to schedule a Blessing event at our church!


Marriage is a covenant. At Family Foundations we are working everyday to heal hurting marriages, put an end to the divorce culture in the church, and make good marriages great. A Covenant Marriage Conference is an obvious choice if your church wants to see their marriages enhanced or if you want to make a stand against the culture of divorce.

Our passion is not to see people attend our events, but to see a culture of blessing in the churches we serve.

FFI’s Covenant Marriages Conferences are a powerful experience for married couples. The teaching includes an understanding of covenant as God views it and practical tools that couples can begin to use immediately. The weekend experience makes good marriages stronger and gives hope and help to those who are struggling in their marriage relationship.

For those pastors looking for a marriage experience that will transform the hearts of your couples we have trained Coordinators that can host a DVD based CMC conference. If you would like to host a larger CMC of over 100 couples we would recommend a live conference with Craig Hill and our other guest speakers.I’m ready to schedule a Blessing event at our church!

I’m ready! What comes next?

If you feel like you’re ready to partner with FFI to establish a culture of blessing, covenant and financial wisdom in your church, you can download an FFI Event Agreement here in PDF format.

This agreement is the first step to host an event or seminar at your church.

It is a brief, yet important, agreement that clearly defines the relationship between FFI and your church. Its purpose is to uphold the integrity of the FFI ministry experience and spells out FFI’s commitment to changed lives in your church, as well as the church’s responsibilities when hosting a seminar.

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