Times are tough, maybe as tough as they’ve ever been in the lives of the people in your church. That’s why it’s important that you provide the people you minister to a solid foundation of practical wisdom and biblical principles when it comes to money. At FFI, we’ve been helping people use their money wisely and address the root issues that cause money mismanagement for more than a decade.

FFI pairs practical financial wisdom with ministry to the heart issues that cause people to make bad decisions with money.

Partner with a trained FFI coordinator to bring a Financial Foundations seminar to your church.

The Financial Foundations Seminar is a 2-day event, usually Friday evening and all day Saturday.

The event includes 7 teaching times on video. There is ministry time available for those who would like it.

Discover the difference between wealth, riches and money. Other topics include: What is “mammon?”, getting out of debt, scriptural uses of money, release God’s blessing in finances.

The costs incurred by running the seminar are minimal. Incidental costs may include hospitality and promoting the event.


I’m ready! What comes next?

If you feel like you’re ready to partner with FFI to establish a culture of blessing, covenant and financial wisdom in your church, you can download an FFI Event Agreement here in PDF format.

This agreement is the first step to host an event or seminar at your church.

It is a brief, yet important, agreement that clearly defines the relationship between FFI and your church. Its purpose is to uphold the integrity of the FFI ministry experience and spells out FFI’s commitment to changed lives in your church, as well as the church’s responsibilities when hosting a seminar.

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