Host a Covenant Unconditional Love Course

Partner with an FFI Ministry Team Member near you to bring the Covenant: Unconditional Love course to your church.

The Covenant: Unconditional Love course can be conducted at your church or in a small group setting in a home.

The course includes 10 parts that organized in a way to meet the needs of your church. Two popular configurations are: 1) a 10-week home group study or 2) a weekend event at your church (5 parts) and a 5-week follow-up home group study.

Topics include: Communication in Marriage, How to divorce-proof your marriage, Intimacy through transparency, How to realistically function in unity, Why the Biblical view on blood covenant and the threshold covenant are critical to your marriage, How marriage and covenant reflect the image of God.

The FFI Ministry Team Member will provide the licensed materials to the participants from your church (these materials are not available anywhere else, they are exclusively licensed to our Ministry Team).

The suggested price is $35 per couple.

Every Covenant: Unconditional Love course ends with a celebration time for attendees to renew their marriage covenant. They are encouraged to invite friends and family to the special celebration, which is a great opportunity for outreach.

FFI’s Covenant Marriages Conferences are a powerful experience for married couples. The teaching includes an understanding of covenant as God views it and practical tools that couples can begin to use immediately. The weekend experience makes good marriages stronger and gives hope and help to those who are struggling in their marriage relationship.

The re-establishment of covenant in marriage as one of God’s ancient paths is part of the calling on FFI; a key ingredient in transforming families.

Covenant Marriage weekends currently are offered in a video seminar format and occasionally in a live event setting. Check the schedule to find one coming near you.

The premium resources are about the seminars that we're providing all around the world.

Which could be the Ancient past Experience Seminar, the Empowering Relationship seminar, Blessing Generation Seminar, and of course the Covenant Marriage conference, and we have just recently released the series of Covenant Marriage Conference as a ten-week course, called Covenant: Unconditional Love. 

We are finding incredible results with that of people going through that course and again having life changing experiences over ten weeks of time over small group environment.

I’m ready! What comes next?

If you feel like you’re ready to partner with FFI to establish a culture of blessing, covenant and financial wisdom in your church, you can download an FFI Event Agreement here in PDF format.

This agreement is the first step to host an event or seminar at your church.

It is a brief, yet important, agreement that clearly defines the relationship between FFI and your church. Its purpose is to uphold the integrity of the FFI ministry experience and spells out FFI’s commitment to changed lives in your church, as well as the church’s responsibilities when hosting a seminar.

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