Each FFI School of Ministry is designed for you to get the maximum experience of the Father's transforming love. These schools will transform you and equip you to minister to others like you never thought possible!

  • Experience healing & transformation in many areas of your life.
  • Experience the unconditional love of the Father in your heart.
  • Experience the joy of watching others being ministered to as you learn the Jesus Wonderful Counsellor Process.
  • Experience living in authentic community.
  • Experience powerful worship and times of incredible testimonies.
  • Experience a "Culture of Blessing" as we celebrate Shabbat together.

Experience incredible friendships and adventures as we explore the surrounding countryside and live in community for the two week encounter with the Father.

Who should be trained?
Normally the Pastor/Ministry Leader of a church/organization as well as 2 - 4 of his leadership will go through the training in order to have an immediate team going back home.  Any Pastors, YWAM Leaders, Leaders with ministry experience who are recommended by their pastor or former FFI Coordinators who want to be retrained and reengage in the ministry are invited to apply.

What would you qualify for?
On successful completion of the Two Week Training Block, you should be qualified to facilitate any of the different FFI seminars, small group ministry to ± 8 people per group. Given that you have the required leadership abilities, you should also be able to act as Coordinator on behalf of YWAM or your church organization which will entitle you to organize seminars, be responsible for the training, mentorship and ministry of your team of facilitators.
What will it do for you?
The first portion of the training block would be ministry that would forever impact your own personal life for generations to come. It would then further equip you with insight, understanding and the ability to increase your effectiveness in one on one ministry over and above the ability to have 8 people per group being ministered to. The seminars should drastically reduce your coaching load as pastor and help your people move towards active involvement, fulfilling their purpose and calling in your community