This is an intensive time of teaching leaders and potential leaders how to identify problems and allow the Holy Spirit to guide in effective prayer ministry through small groups.
Prerequisite: You must have completed at least one Family Foundations seminar. The SOM-FT has 3 Phases which are completed over 1 week or an optional 6 week format.

Phase 1: TfM (The former Training for Ministry Seminar is now the theory component of the training. Total of 10 hours completed over a Friday evening and Saturday.)

Topics include:

  • Authority and Leadership 
  • Philosophy of Ministry 
  • Process of Ministry 
  • Ministering to Shame 
  • Steps of Blessing 
  • Identifying Strongholds

Phase 2: FT – 4 Modules (These 4 modules are completed in 3 hour blocks – total 12 hours - and provide opportunity for heart ministry as well as learning the Jesus Wonderful Counselor process to minister to the heart. The phase is completed with coaching segments.)

Topics include:

  • Transparency
  • Offense 
  • Generational Iniquity
  • Marriage is a Covenant
  • Blessing Name Card training

Phase 3: Overcoming Anger Seminar (This seminar is completed in a closed setting over a total of 10 hours. Each participant is assigned an opportunity to Facilitate JWC ministry to the heart during a small group as well as receive ministry. This closed seminar also has coaching segments.

Topics include:

  • The Anger Cycle
  • Identifying the Real Source of Anger
  • Three key steps to overcoming anger