FFI International School of Ministry & Personal Transformation

What is the School of Ministry and Personal Transformation?
This is, first of all, an intense time of personal transformation ministry and growth, in which you, as a student, will participate in four of the nine available Ancient Paths Experiences. While just one of these Ancient Paths experiences is highly transformational, experiencing the cumulative intensity of the anointing and presence of God four times in ten days will literally 10X your personal transformation breakthrough!

Secondly, this is a time in which you will have opportunity to learn the unique process of ministry used to consistently produce these life-changing results in the Ancient Paths Experiences. Not only will you learn the biblical principles, and step-by-step process, but you will be given opportunity for hands-on practice of this process yourself, under the supervision of highly trained FFI ministers, who will coach you, and the other students as you all learn together.

Why Should we Come to this SOM-PT?

  • To deepen your own spiritual life and intimacy with the Father.
  • To experience major personal transformation and breakthrough in your own life marriage,finances and purpose.
  • To remove deep-rooted self-sabotage mechanisms at 
  • the core of your being,which you didn’t even realize were there.
  • To learn and be equipped to utilize this same personal transformation ministry process in your own family, congregation, ministry, or business to help others experience the same types of breakthrough.
  • If desired, to fast-track toward becoming a licensed, qualified FFI Coordinator, authorized to conduct these nine different life-changing Ancient Paths Experiences for others in your sphere of influence.
  • To have a clear track to immediately get involved in life-changing ministry in your local context, without spending 2 or 4 years at Bible College or Seminary.

To broaden your ministry horizons by meeting other like-minded people from around the world, several of whom will probably become life-long friends and even coworkers together in ministry. Many participants in past schools have been invited by international friends they met at the SOM to minister together in other nations.